Clifford Robert Olson Jr

Serial Killer Clifford Robert Olson Jr – Child Killer

Born in Vancouver British Columbia on the first day of January 1940, Clifford Robert Olson Jr killed a total of eleven people before being caught.

Clifford Olson

From a young age, Clifford Olson was in trouble with the law. Olson was a known bully who it was rumored tortured and killed animals. By the time he started killing, he had spent long stretches in jail for crimes ranging from armed robbery to fraud.

Clifford Olson’s first victim was twelve year-old Christine Weller. Her body was found strangled with a belt and repeatedly stabbed.

Olson was married in May 1981, but by then had committed a total of three murders. It was around this time that Olson fell under police suspicion of child molestation, but there was never enough evidence to charge him.

Only four days after his wedding, Olson abducted and then murdered 16-year-old Sandra Wolfsteiner. He would murder yet again the very next month, this time killing a 13-year old.

By now Olson had began to increase the pace of his killings. In the month of July 1981, Olson would claim six more young victims, none of whom were over the age of 18. It was this varied range of ages and sexes that at first made him hard to catch, but police early on suspected a serial killer was at work.

Owing to the severity and sheer stunning pace of the murders the entire Greater Vancouver Area was on edge. Parents were extremely cautious and the murders were on everyone’s mind as suspicions ran high. Extra police patrols targeted schools and routes taken by children with the aim of warding off another murder. Sadly there was to be one more.

Clifford Olson’s final victim was Louise Chartrand aged 17. She was killed with a hammer on July 30 1981. Olson buried her body in a shallow grave.

Due to his extensive criminal record, Olson quickly became a prime suspect in the murders and disappearances of young adults in Greater Vancouver. He was questioned by police but released for lack of evidence. But Olson did himself in when he was caught and arrested for attempting to abduct two girls.

Olson confessed to eleven murders on the promise that his new wife gets $10,000 for each murder he admitted to, and for showing police the locations of missing people he had killed. Families’ desperately wanting closure agreed to this move and $100,000 was given to his wife. Olson gave the first location to police as a ‘freebie’. Olson would be given 11 concurrent life sentences.

Clifford Olson due to Canada’s legal system, was eligible for parole after a minimum of 25 years served. His first parole hearing occurred in July 2006 where his application for parole was denied. Olson was once again eligible for parole in 2008 and every two years after that – with each having been denied.

Having long been suffering with cancer, Clifford Olson died after his cancer metastasized. Federal government officials confirm that he died in a Quebec hospital on Friday Sept 30, 2011.

If you would like to do some more reading about Clifford Olson and in particular the RCMP investigation of him and his crimes you can check out Where Shadows Linger: The Untold Story of the RCMP’s Olsen Murders Investigation – which was written by a retired police officer. This book examines the investigation from top to bottom and gives much more insight into how serial killers are apprehended and the police work involved.

In The Mind Of A Mountie by author T.M. ‘Scotty’ Gardiner is another fantastic view into the world of police work and how they conduct their murder and other serious crime investigations – including material on Clifford Olson himself. This book details from an RCMP and legal view, the highly contentious money-for-bodies deal that Olson cut with authorities.

Article by Roy Whyte . Visit his Google+ page for more.

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  1. Canadian Jails : says:

    […] in point – Clifford Olson , who brutally murdered 11 children under 18 (source) receives $1,100.00 per month because he is now over 65 (actually he is 70, but it took 5 years to […]

  2. Theresa says:

    Clifford Olson Should not receive a dime!
    I’m paying for his room and board at the lovely hotel he’s in and should hopefully rot there! you are one of the cruelest parasite in the world, and I hope you suffer greatly.

  3. Matt says:

    He was eligible for parole after serving a minimum of 25 years not a maximum of 25.

    In regards to Theresa’s comment the prisons are no where close to the standards of a hotel.
    He is in the only Canadian super-max prison. in which has tiny cells and his in solitary confinement for over 23 hours a day.

    His pension should go to his wife or to a victims assistance agency.

  4. Fredrick says:

    In regards to your comment about his pension going to his wife, I must fiercely disagree with you. I’m sure you are aware that Mrs. Olson has already received $100,000 from the “cash-for-bodies” deal that Olson arranged before his incarceration. That money is far more than enough. In fact, I still would be protesting this even if all she received was a penny.

    A Canadian pension should never, ever go to a serial killer or his/her immediate family. In one way or another, that money will manage to slip its way to benefit him. I’m sure that you remember that there are laws now that prevent a serial killer, or most indicted offenders, if I’m not mistaken, from profiting from their crimes. Money that he earned working during his killing spree financed his trips around BC, and ultimately helped propel him to what he is now. I’d call that money ‘blood money’.

  5. ted says:

    Does anybody know if his MO included trying to pick up children in a pick-up truck to do yard work. This happened to me in 1980 or 1981 in Nanaimo bc.A man pulled up to me and a friend, we were 11 or 12 and he asked if only one of us could help him.My friend was a lot bigger than me and he seemed to want me to go with him.We said we would both go and split the money but he insisted that only I went with him.We felt uneasy and took off.I have always wondered if my intuition maybe saved my life!

  6. SJ says:

    My mom was stalked by this man

  7. kay says:

    OK so first of all, there is nothing in this brief report that says his wife knew anything about the murders. In fact many times unless working together the other partner has no idea. So it doesn’t seem unreasonable for her to get some money to help pay for her house, food and gas,after all she just lost 50% or more of her monthly income. Secondly many of these people can be helped. It is a mental disorder just like any other. we have medication and therapy for depression, anxiety,autism, PTSD (which can cause a mental break resulting in homicidal behavior). I personally think that many serial killers could be detected at a young age before they even think of trying to commit murder. With minimal training a middle school teacher could recognize abuse victims, children with depression or anxiety and children with underlying homicidal tendencies. So don’t go around saying these people are pure evil when they don’t recognize that what they are doing is wrong. Simply put for these people killing is like a drug, you can’t expect a heroine addict to just get up, say I quit and walk away, addictions don’t work that way. so please don’t discriminate against them, help them.

  8. marlene says:

    ted in nanaimo

    he did pick me up hitchhikng outside of cumberland

    I was 12-13

    he let me go

    but he locked the doors and cranked the stereo

    questioned me about where I was going

    what time I had to be home

    I was smart

    there are lots af crazy pedophiles like him all over BC

    especially the island, so he let me go

    peeled away

    I never told anyone, saw his pic later

    was stunned

  9. marlene says:

    I just want to say I think the residential school system and todays foster care system are the devils playground

    Victoria BC is the satan capital of North America there are many affected by this

    what came first the chicken or the egg

    silence is the enemy, we have to fight hard against this sickness

    Did Olson have multiple personaity disorder?

  10. Sammy B says:

    I was a kid in surrey during his killing spree. I remember the parents before and after school congregating around the school grounds like no other time. He had the community really petrified.

    He won’t be missed.

  11. Tom says:

    Anybody who feels sorry for this piece of human garbage needs their head examined right away. And paying a criminal’s family is totally insane. His wife didn’t deserve a dime.

  12. Peter Kozma says:

    Clifford Olson he is a piece of sh** I’m happy he died he’s going to hell and his wife knew all about it her and his kid can all rotten hell we’re seeing is waiting for all of them begins you know excuse to kill anybody he did not deserve A dime you don’t pay a killer the RCMP is just as guilty they knew they let him go to many times. There is no help for a serial killer a child abuser eight animal abuserI am the brother of Judy Kozma whoever anyone who disagrees with this comment could go to hell there is no help for people like him he’s a killer a child molester now he’s dead I am looking for the man who is part of this crime spree his name is Randy Ledlow I will find him and ripped him apart limb by limb you are guilty as Clifford Olsen is I will find you one day

  13. wanda says:

    I lived with Sharon she was one that survived..she was drugged and raped by him. I am 51 now and I’m not sure if she is still alive but she told me that he told her that she reminded him of his sister and didnt want to kill her..she got away at a gas station ..there was a female in the car at the time. i dont think anyone knows this..i was 15 at the time and remember simon partington. I had to walk near that road on my way to school, it scared the hell out of me. Still does

  14. neal jensen says:

    I remember in Aldergrove my brother and i , He was 13 i was 14 walking down a back road of fraser hwy , Olsen pulled up and asked if we knew where there was any place to party , we said no , he then offered us $20 each to party with him , we yelled fag kicked his truck and he peeled his tires away really fast , Guess he didnt get his prey that night , Piece of shit , i hope he is constantly being killed in hell , over and over again

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