Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka

Serial Killers Paul Kenneth Bernardo and Karla Homolka

Born on August 27, 1964 to a father who was a pedophile, peeping tom and known to have molested his own daughter, Paul Kenneth Bernardo committed his murders and rapes with the aid of his wife Karla Homolka.

Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo

In June 1991, Paul Bernardo kidnapped, raped and then murdered fourteen-year-old Leslie Mahaffy. Leslie Mahaffy was held for twenty-four hours where she was repeatedly raped. Homolka and Bernardo taped the assaults and one scene even shows Homolka making herself up in makeup to look pretty before she goes on to again rape Mahaffy. The two killed Mahaffy with a plan to dismember her body and dispose of it piece by piece after encasing the parts in cement. Two people canoeing in a local lake found her body. The very same day Mahaffy’s body was found, Homolka and Bernardo were married.

Shortly after in April 1992, with the aid of his wife Homolka, Bernardo kidnapped another teenager, Kristen French. French was also raped, and tortured over several days. They killed Kristen French just before leaving for Easter Sunday dinner with Homolka’s parents.

The videos made by Bernardo and Homolka’s murders of Mahaffy and French, were turned over to the police, and these videos together with others depicting rape committed by the pair were used against them as evidence in court. The videos were instrumental in getting them convicted of their crimes. Due to the horrid nature of the videotapes, all six videos were later destroyed.

The Canadian press started calling the couple “The Ken and Barbie” murderers.

Homolka as a result of abuse at the hands of Bernardo had left him in January 1993. She would later come to a plea bargain with the prosecution in return for a lighter sentence. Karla Homolka testified against Paul Bernardo, including their part in the killing of Karla’s sister.

Bernardo, who claimed to be a fan of serial killer stories, would later change his name to Paul Teale as a result. Bernardo was convicted of three murders on September 1, 1995, and sentenced to life in prison at the Kingston Penitentiary in Kingston, Ontario.

On good grounds it is suspected that Paul Bernardo was also the Scarborough Rapist. Shortly after his arrest for murder, Bernardo admitted to 15 separate rapes. It is thought he raped more women, including at least one on his own honeymoon in Hawaii.

Karla Homolka pled guilty to manslaughter, and was sentenced to twelve years in prison. She was released on parole in July 2005 after the ‘Deal with the Devil’ plea bargain. Homolka’s release was and still is very contentious with Canadians as the videotapes of their crimes showed Karla Homolka to have understated her total involvement in the crimes.

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The following is an interview with Paul Bernardo with a wider coverage video immediately after.

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  4. Joxman says:

    Karla is even worse the Paul. She has manipulated the justice system, by pretending she was an innocent victim. She is far from that. Personally I think she was jealous of Paul’s affection for her sister. She is a manipulative b*** that got away with murder. Paul is a pervert rapist, she is a conniving murderer.

    I’m just saying.


  5. kit says:

    I strongly believe they should bring back the death penalty and quit wasting tax payers money!!

  6. Betty Henfrey says:

    I do not want Karla Homolka to get a pardon, ever.

    They both should rot in Hell. Perfect reason to re-instate the death penalty in Canada.

  7. Julia says:

    I agree with Joxman. In my own opinion, Karla played a MUCH bigger part in the murders than she was convicted for. Now, she’s remarried with a little boy!! She lived in Montreal for a while, but changed her name and moved to the Bahamas. Seems far too good for a woman who murdered 3 young girls – her sister being one of them

  8. Deborah MA Morrissey says:

    I resided in St.Catharines and personally knew Kristen French. I will never understand a killer living free among us. She may have served the time they gave her.But please this killer of children free to actually give birth to a child.

    What possible thoughts go threw this killers mind. i hope she looks into the eyes of her child and sees that her being free is SO WRONG. God Bless this poor child that he have to live with the horrors of his mother.

    I am so upset about the whole thing. This being the anniversary of these beautiful young girls I say God Bless and may your spirit rise into peace.


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