Serial Killers – World Famous Serial Killer Profiles

Many countries around the world currently have behind bars at least one serial killer. Serial killers are individuals who have killed more than three people. These killings may have occurred over extended time frames. Serial killers often suffer from mental conditions like Antisocial Personality Disorder, yet most can appear very normal in their everyday lives. Often family, friends and co-workers are stunned that the person they thought they knew was a serial killer.

Canada has its own share of serial killers as recent Canadian history has seen a number of serial killers caught, charged and imprisoned. Canadian serial killers include the child killer, Clifford Olson, who brutally murdered a total of eleven children and terrorized the entire Greater Vancouver area. There was also the team of Paul Bernardo and his wife Karla Homolka who killed three teenage girls, including Homolka’s sister.

Canada’s worst accused serial killer is Robert Pickton. Pickton was charged with the first-degree murders of six women and sentenced to life in prison. Pickton is alleged to have killed and dismembered the bodies of his victims, on his pig farm in Port Coquitlam British Columbia. Pickton is said to have confessed to killing forty-nine women and had sought to kill an even 50 but was caught before he could do so. The Canadian court system has not and probably will not seek further prosecution of Robert Pickton because it is not going to extend or change his current sentencing. He was originally charged with the first-degree murder of 27 women.

More on Canadian serial killers including profiles will be added soon. Bookmark this website now if you are interested in knowing more about Canada’s serial killers. As time permits we will also add profiles for serial killers from around the world!

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