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Robert Pickton Prosecution Costs

Today has come news that the Robert Pickton prosecution has cost some $103 million and is still rising. Canada’s most prolific serial killer has also accounted for one of the most expensive trials in Canadian history – ranking right up there with the Air India trials and public hearings. And that is where the Pickton costs are still coming in.

Serial killer Robert Pickton is now serving life in prison and that too will of course cost taxpayers even more money. But still to be tabulated is the cost for the public inquiry which will be funded by the province of British Columbia. The public inquiry will delve into the whole affair including the police department’s handling of the case and all those missing women over so many years.

Pickton’s legal defence team cost taxpayers $12 million and the crown’s costs came in at around $9 million more. The bulk of the money was spent sorting through the vast Pickton farm for evidence of his crimes and the surrounding police investigation costs. Some of the money was recouped through the sale of Pickton’s assets. Robert Pickton attempted to appeal his six life sentences but was denied by the courts.

Article by Roy Whyte . Visit his Google+ page for more.